Safe and Sound Protocol

Brit Guerin is a Certified Safe and Sound Protocol provider. She offers this in a group setting as well as on a individual basis. Reach more about the Safe and Sound Protocol to learn if it's a good fit for you.

Have you been in therapy for quite some time and just aren’t feeling change in the way that you want? This is very common for folks engaging solely in cognitive-based therapy who also have a history of trauma. In order to heal and create change, we must engage the nervous system and the body. 

Have you heard about somatic-based therapy but are hesitant to get started? Starting body-based therapy can feel very intimidating because it’s unfamiliar and unknown. 

This is where the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) comes in. This protocol is an evidence-based therapy that uses filtered music to bring more safety into the body. What does this look like in simple terms? You are listening to music in session, with check-ins throughout. 

How does the SSP work? The specially filtered music sends cues of safety to your nervous system which supports embodiment and resilience. The music stimulates the vagus nerve which shifts us out of our defense system (fight/flight) and into our ventral vagal system (safety and connection). This is incredibly important because health, growth, and restoration can only happen when we are in the ventral vagal part of our nervous system. So, if you’ve been in a chronic state of fight or flight, you might not have felt a lot of change happen in talk-based therapy. For more information on SSP, head over here.

Safe and Sound Protocol is for you if:

  • You want to improve your response to stress
  • You want to improve your expression and control of your emotions
  • You want to foster healthy relationships
  • You have depression, anxiety, and/or a trauma history
  • You are looking for a more gentle approach to healing (you don’t have to relive your trauma to participate in SSP).
  • You are feeling stuck in talk-based therapy

Common Benefits of the SSP Protocol:

  • Increased ability to process emotions to get unstuck
  • Decreased anxiety and depressive symptoms
  • Ability to be more present in the moment
  • Improved digestion 
  • Decreased sensitivity to sound

    Equipment Needed:

    • Over the ear headphones (not noise canceling)
    • Phone with access to apps
    • Optional: sensory products like weighted blankets, fidget toys, aromatherapy, etc


      • $145 per session (usually lasts about 10 sessions)
      • Plus one time $149 access fee for the SSP app (includes 2 months post program for further integration)

      Contact me here to schedule a free 30 minutes discovery call.

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