#mindflip Monday on Meaningful Work

Another day is another chance to consider if there’s something in your life, small or big, that you can let go. Insert #mindflipmonday. New to the Mind Flips? Check out my blog post here for a full explanation of this mindful movement.


Sometimes I write about my own Mind Flips and other times, I feature someone’s story from the community. Today’s feature is Maggie Royce. Maggie is a teen blogger from Raleigh, NC. I met her at Flywheel Sports when she started working there as a Studio Coordinator. I knew I had to feature her because she somehow juggles several jobs as a recent high school graduate, started her blog when she was in third grade and is constantly bubbly and just sweet to be around. And as we know, there’s always more to someone’s story than meets the eye.

Her Mind Flip is about meaningful work, which I can definitely relate to. If you are curious about more inspiration for meaningful work, you have to check out one of my dear friends and total girl boss, Jess Ekstrom.

Here is Maggie’s Mind Flip story:

My summer motto, in the words of the beloved Tom Haverford from Parks & Rec: “Ya gotta work a little to ball a lot.”

And I don’t just work a little. I work a lot. I’ve shared about my intense summer work schedule on the blog & how I am a legit workaholic. I thrive while being busy and that’s just a simple fact about me. I love to work and I love to work hard.

Last summer I took a paid digital internship, managing the social media for a 3D printing tech start-up which meant I was at home controlling my hours, needless to say it wasn’t my best. So this past spring I was determined to be busy, organized & work, a lot. Hence why I am the crazy chick working 2 jobs as well as planning this sweet space of a blog for when I go to school.

All my Jobs

So what do I do? I have been asked this quite a bit because I never explicitly say! I work as the studio coordinator for my local Pure Barre & Flywheel locations. My typical day varies as my schedule changes but typically I work the morning shift at Flywheel (beginning at 5:15am and lasting 5 or so hours) four days a week and the afternoon shift at Pure Barre a few nights (4 hours each.) My week varies but it falls into a pretty consistent pattern of early  mornings and slow afternoons.

It is really easy to say that I just do a bunch of cleaning and working the front desk, inferring my work is meaningless. And I got into a rut my first week of this pattern, where I woke up to clean shoes and spent my nights organizing a desk, putting me into a rut. While I still have come to dislike the smell of “fresh linen lysol” and mopping isn’t my favorite thing in the world, my perspective on work has changed.

Started from the Bottom

I read an article (which unfortunately I can’t find) about how Millenials need to begin embracing the bottom jobs. As an adamant not-millenial (Gen Z – whoop whoop!) this really hit me: your highschool summer job isn’t supposed to be the best job you have in the world but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the fun.

Nope I’m not working in a glamorous start up company or even wearing a cute outfit. It isn’t the most Instagram worthy thing in the world. There’s not a “summer work daily OOTDs”: I rock a uniform and messy bun, Walmart black leggings and some sort of tee-shirt on the daily.

But just because I’m doing work that people would seem meaningless, doesn’t mean my work has to be.

Yeah, I work a lot and I work in group fitness. I clean a lot of things. I organize a lot of things. And yet I have found ways to have meaningful connections and learn and love the place I’m at.

I remember a conversation with a former friend back this fall who questioned why I wanted to work so much during my last “free summer” but working so much this summer is freeing. Sure I’m not going on extravagant road trips with friends or living at the beach but I treasure my time with friends more than I would if I saw them every day. Because I work so much I genuinely love going to church as a necessary social outlet, I enjoy going on sweat dates with friends to work out and treasure it all.

So is my work meaningful?


My weekday begins at waking up at 4:30 am where I go to work, open the studio and greet clients. I’m the or one of the first faces they see in the morning and for most of our clients I’m the last face they see before they continue with their day and go to work. Then for my afternoon shifts, I am for some, a huge part of their social life. Group fitness is many people’s social outlet, so for those needing to feel community or craving genuine friendships, this is where they find it. I especially work in an area with many teachers who work long days, needing adult interaction and smiles from someone who isn’t a preschooler.

I work where most people wouldn’t find it fulfilling and while it isn’t my “ultimate life calling” I’m called to love and be a light in whatever place & space I am, so I hope my conversations & smiles are doing just that.

It may not be pretty or glamorous but I sure do love this short season I’m in.



There you have it, #mindflipmonday. Do you or someone you know how an inspirational Mind Flip? Send me an e-mail at brit@brittanyguerin.com. Thanks for reading and hope to connect with you soon!

With good intentions,